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Spring ’12 ready-to-wear Milan – Prada, Moschino & Antonio Marras

PRADA the jewel of Milan.

A timeless, classic, elegant, feminine collection was shown again at Prada. Every single outfit was a piece of wearable art! I love the styling and the jewels!

Continuing with a similar feeling focusing on pretty, feminine clothes were the other two collections that I am grouping here: Moschino and Antonio Marras.

See highlights of the three magnificent collections below with Prada personally  being my number one prefere. But, who does not prefer Prada?

Images above & below. Prada Spring ’12 ready-to-wear collection

At Moschino, the “trend” of beautiful, feminine style offerings continued. Take a look below:

Image. Moschino


Image. Antonio Marras


Image. Moschino

I will be back with more Italian runway highlights for Spring ’12. I hope you are enjoying the fashion “burst” of excitement as much as I do. SG



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