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Spring ’12 ready-to-wear DIOR COLLECTION – Paris

Dior Spring ’12 Women’s collection. SPRING AFFAIR!

I am in love with anything 1950’s. The lifestyle, the glamour, the fashion, the beautiful people, the coctails…etc…minus the heavy smoking. My obsession started with Paul Newman and  Elizabeth Taylor in Cat on a hot tin roof, it continued with Grace Kelly and Cary Grant in To catch a thief, and it hasn’t stopped since.

Recently Mad Men the famous TV series, plus the Playboy Club and Pan Am [new tv series this season which I very strongly  praise recommend] have brought more awareness of this glamorous era into the surface. I was so happy to see this look re introduced by famous design houses such as Prada, Nina Ricci and now Dior.


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I am absolutely obsessed about the fashion – demure, proper, grown up and understated, yet feminine elegant and glamorous.


Here are the Dior  Spring’12  fashion show highlights:


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