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A Bhutan royal wedding and coronation

BHUTAN ROYAL WEDDING a modern-day fairy tale.




I told you that I was fascinated with kings and queens, castles and palaces, fortresses, royal ceremonies, coronations…etc. They are very rare in our modern times, but, they still exist.

On Thursday, Justsun Pema, a 21-year-old student became a Queen of Bhutan in an elaborate and festive Buddist marriage ceremony wearing a traditional wedding dress!

In a 17th century fortress, a lavish coronation took place where her groom King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck came down from his throne [how romantic] to meet her, wearing as part of his elaborate traditional wedding attire a distinctive royal yellow sash, and the red Raven Crown which symbolizes his role as the people’s protector.

His bride’s delicate and exotic beauty and her modest demeanour mark her out as the new crown jewel of this tiny Asian country nested between India and China.

After her arrival at the Palace of Great Happiness, and before the wedding, the would-be-Queen lit a golden lamp and offered prayers. During the ceremony prayers for the accumulation of spiritual and wordly virtues for the royal couple were chanted by the Buddist monks.

Best Wishes!!!

Colorful, festive images of the wedding ceremony below.