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A Post Card – Elizabeth Taylor





“My ring gives me the strongest feeling of beauty.”                                                                                                                             Elizabeth Taylor






Saturday December 3rd is nearing…and I am counting the days…

“The legendary Jewels” exibit is opening at Christies in New York City – a major jewelry event for the world of glamour! The late Elizabeth Taylor’s magnificent jewelry collection is up for sale! I can’t wait to be able to see up close  , maybe try on, the “history making” pieces that once were worn by my “idol” Elizabeth Taylor. What an experience!  Maybe, by a miracle [and I do believe in miracles] one day…I would own at least a piece!.. maybe…maybe… the tiara? or maybe a more practical piece such as the emerald cut Krupp diamond?…keep on dreaming Susanna…but again one never knows…I am very optimistic on matters such as jewelry!









Elizabeth Taylor once said, “Big girls need big diamonds.” She would know. 












































Over her fairy tale lifetime full of glamour, fame, love and  passion…and Richard Burton as husband (2X) she amassed these magnificent pieces of fine jewelry – personal mementos and love tokens of obsession and affection from all her husbands…I lost count…is it seven?  Included in the selection is a set of diamond rings Richard Burton gifted her for besting him in a ping-pong game, and the 33.19 carat famous Krupp Diamond shown below.

The “Legendary Jewels” her $30 million private collection, is on view starting December 3rd and on sale on December 13 at Christies in NYC.




“I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t posses radiance, but you can only admire it.”                      Elizabeth Taylor                                                                                                             



A Post Card below Inspired by History – History and Glamour! [Translation: Elizabeth Taylor – Great Inspiration!]