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Temple of Pocedon-Sounion

A Postcard

Temple of Poceidon Sunset

  • A I am doing a new post on God Pocedon, this is a prewiew.

3 thoughts on “Temple of Pocedon-Sounion

  1. Jesse S. says:

    I love the idea of Alexander the Great Foundation. I am a visual artist and philosophy graduate working on my Master’s in Nonprofit management. I also find your work very stimulating both visually and intellectually. Tonight, a conversation with a friend got me thinking…after the messages, I wrote “Humanity requires a renaissance, much struggle presupposes it.” I am an arts education advocate as well and really believe we as a world are going to have to go through some pretty rough times, but that in the aftermath a rebirth can take place. I honestly feel in my heart at some point or another, humans really must experience another great renaissance, to help us fix so many things and give us more hope. I enjoy that you believe in history and the importance of it. It would be my great pleasure to aid you in in any way I could. I am not a person of great means but I believe in creative solutions and that by working together, people really can make a difference. I appreciate your time and love what you have put together here, you must have had some superb mentors. Have a beautiful day 🙂

    – Jesse S.

    • Susanna Galanis says:

      Dear Jesse,
      Thank you for your lovely and very wise comments.
      I will be posting more about the The Alexander Charity and yes, I would love as much support as possible from anyone who shares my vision,
      and you do!
      Please feel free to contact me any time. One of my most important mentors is Alexander.
      Thank you so much,

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