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Steve McQueen – The “King of Cool”







“He is a misunderstood bad boy you’re sure you can cure with a little warmth and some home cooking.” Faye Dunaway

“He is a beautiful, beautiful man.” Jaqueline Bisset

“Racing is life…everything before and after is just waiting.” Steve McQueen












I know, I know…I promised on my last post that I will continue with more stories about Greek god Apollo, but, something came up while I was doing research about my new Fall’12 Men’s collection – another Apollo, Steve McQueen. OK, he is not a Greek god, but a modern-day cinematic demi-god and a Hollywood legend. He is up there, as far as I am concerned with all the rest of the gods and demi-gods, Apollo, Alexander, Hermes, Achilles, Paul (as in Greek god Paul Newman), and the modern-day “God of Cool” James Dean. I am fascinated…

“Racing burns like fever inside me.” Steve McQueen

Well, Apollo and more stories about him will be next, but for now, let’s go back to Steve McQueen. I don’t know, there was something about a man on a motorcycle with “Apollo-like” looks (blond, blue-eyes, fearless  and very beautiful), barb wires, and action that got me interested. A modern-day warrior.

“I live for myself and I answer to nobody.” Steve McQueen


What a sexy man! He is known as the “King of Cool” and one of the sexiest man ever. You must see him in the film “The Great Escape” -this is where I got inspired. The wires, the motorcycle the adventure! Well, I can’t wait to show you my next men’s collection – very cool…

When I believe something, I fight like hell for it.” Steve McQueen

“My life was screwed up before I was born.” Steve McQueen

The Fall ’12 Men’s group that I will design is called “Escape” and it is of course inspired by the action film “The Great Escape” (1963) where Steve McQueen is one of the imprisoned WWII officers who struggled to break out of a Nazi P.O.W. camp. It was in this film that the now legendary Steve McQueen defined  himself as a great American actor. You must watch.

More stories about the “real deal” Greek God Apollo, and his love interests next.



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