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Classical Idea – Spring ’13 Milan style






It’s fashion week for Spring 2013 in Milan this time.

Home of some my favorite designers: Gucci, Versace, Bottega Venetta just to name a few…

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The look that I adore, classic Grecian, continues  — please see previous posts about New York and London’s looks for Spring 2013.

Highlights from Milan below:

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Classical Ideal – Spring ’13 London Style

The show must go on…


Week two of the Spring  2013 women’s fashion shows. This time the presentations are in the fashionable and hip city of London. As we have seen on the previous week on New York City’s runway, the Grecian-inspired theme is very strong here are well.








I have a feeling this timeless, classic, feminine and extremely sophisticated  look will continue. Let’s see if I am right.


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Classical Ideal – Spring ’13 NYC style




Fashion week was here…and gone…leaving its imprint permanently on the pages of fashion history…HISTORY WAS MADE ONCE AGAIN.

Spring 2013 was shown recently in New York City’s runway. 

The beauty, glamour, style and fairy-tale inspired styles were presented to the fashion world again. Glamour must go on…regardless. All the designers did such a fantastic job. Here are my favorite looks. In an “ideal” world, I would wear every one of them. The looks of course, were inspired by Ancient Greece. Lovely!