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A POSTCARD Jackie O – a style icon




I know …I know…I promised you on my last post that I will write about queen Olympias of Macedon, the famous mother of my favorite hero: Alexander the Great. I find her fascinating and a major force on influencing the character and the history making achievements of her famous son. There is so much to say here…and I will. In the meantime, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, another famous mother popped up while I was doing some research about an upcoming collection featuring pearls. I couldn’t resist! It’s Jackie O. Although, she made pearls her trademark, and wore them beautifully, her style while she was married to the mega millionaire Aristotle Onasis caught my attention. 

Here are some looks of my favorite style icon Jackie O: Timeless!

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well, these picture spoke volumes – volumes of style and glamour. Oh! those were the days….



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