Basic Instincts

Today’s vibe in the showroom is simple and chic with a pop of hot in the form of colorful gems and chains. With all of the girls pulling out their favorite basics and neutrals it seems that my designs are coming into use as their bold statement piece to tie their outfits together. Wether it is black on white or beige on brown each intern has worked a jewel tone into their Monday style making for an overall sexily chic and yet basic look. With the New York sun beating down on us all it only makes sense to stay cool in a slimming tank paired with an elongated chain and gem necklace. Add a basic wedge and call it a day ladies!

As for you gentlemen looking to stay basic and bold all at the same time, pair a gorgeous white linen shirt with your favorite pair of preppy solid shorts and top off the look with an elegant chain from my men’s collection. There is nothing more eye catching than a sun tanned man in linen with the confidence to rock a chain… just ask the woman checking you out across the street! Trust me my fashionistos you wont have any problem scoring a date for tonights movie in the park with this style combo.

To see how this summer trend is inspiring us around the showroom continue scrolling to find an array of style options as well as other fun inspirations. Stay basic and bold today my darlings!



All jewelry found in the blog today is form my collection. Please visit my website http://www.susannagalanis.com/main_collection.asp to see more of my designs or contact the showroom to set up a time to personally view the collections 212.759.9142.