Fendi and Armani and Missoni, Oh My!

With the debut of the new Spring 2014 Menswear collections all of the girls have been scouting the fashion blogs to see what the up and coming trends are for their gender counterparts. As “oh!” and “No!” come screaming from the other room I couldn’t help but to put the ladies to the task of picking out their favorite three collections and a few looks that stood out to them. Each young woman is so unique and has such different style I thought it would be fun to see who picked the bold prints versus the tailored suits. The ladies couldn’t wait to get started and have spent all morning drooling over their favorite models all while debating the feminine take on masculinity in some of ┬áthe new spring collections. The conversation is never dull around the showroom but throw in some male models wearing designer duds and you’re sure to never hear the girls stop gabbing!

Look below to see which looks my gorgeous gals picked for their designer dudes! Stay posted to see upcoming posts on the ladies and their favorite finds as well as more on the menswear collections!

Stay posted to receive details on my own menswear collection coming out soon!

Dreaming of muscles and neck ties today my loves!



Dimitra chose Etro, Gucci, and Vivienne Westwood as her to die for menswear collection picks. She loves the feminine touches mixed with the masculine aesthetics creating an overall eccentric vibe. Dimitra is often drawn to men who know how to rock a unique street style and her collection faves show us why!

Kat loves Calvin Klein, Brioni, and Fendi as her mens must haves. A man dressed as if he may be heading to the yacht club after work is exactly what Kat is drawn to and after looking at her picks it’s easy to see why! She loved the tailored yet preppy feel of these collections and thought her sailor would look nautically dapper in any of her choices!

Alexandria chose Missoni, Burberry, and Marc Jacobs for her designer dude. Loving the mixture between preppy and patterned, Alexandria couldn’t help but lust over the well-tailored collections. Nothing attracts Alexandria more than a man in a contoured and chic style ensemble!

Tricia chose Gucci, Ports, and Roberto Cavalli as her menswear faves. She just couldn’t seem to pick one style she loved more than the other so she went with an array of mens looks. From patterned pants to oversized jackets I can’t decide if it is the clothes she loves or the models! Her picks are fabulous either way you look at it!

Jillian chose both Armani collections as well as Bottega Veneta as her best menswear looks. It is pretty evident she loves a man in a tailored ensemble, then again who doesn’t? Loving both Armani collections was an instant for our girl as she couldn’t help but lust over the gorgeous men in their well fitted threads… can you blame her? I didn’t think so!