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VERSACE ATELIER – Haute Couture Autumn 2013





This is my favorite season fashionably speaking. The haute couture fashion shows for Fall 2013  in Paris are beginning.

This is when the best of the best in fashion design is happening.  All the couture houses are showing their major collections for the upcoming season  to their very exclusive clientele with million dollar tastes. This is when fashion is no longer just clothing, but wearable art and the clients are serious collectors.  This is when we can see all the drama, the fantasy, the art and the beauty of the fashion world.

This is what inspires me and keeps me going…

The first to show this year was Donatella Versace for the House Versace.





VERSACE ATELIER SHOW :–versace-atelier-haute-couture-aw13-58402.html#0




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