Mad for Men

Is it just me or are the men of New York adjusting their style along with the suns increasing heat? With every corner we turn these stunning guys seem to be turning up the heat in their summer style and may I say “Bravo!” The ladies in the studio can’t seem to stop discussing how our city men look more dapper than ever in their sleek suits and street style. I mean who can resist staring at a tall, dark, and handsome accountant strutting his stuff down West 57th or a street styled writer on a coffee run in Brooklyn?

The bolder the sun has become the bolder these New York men are with their summer time outfit selections, and yes gentlemen your NYC counterparts have noticed! Kat, just one of the lovely ladies here in the office, is ecstatic to see boat shoes back on the feet of our NYC gentlemen. With a love for all things beach-y she just can’t help but push her boyfriend to mix it up with a little summertime prep while heading out for dinner and drinks after work. Jillian, our favorite Long Island lady, is a sucker for a dark-haired man hailing a cab in a fitted Gucci suit which means lunchtime is scouting time for this debonair diva. A mixture of patterns with business wear has Alexandria lusting for a man who can rock a Marc Jacobs floral frock with the confidence of Clooney on the red carpet. Who can’t help but love a man confidently wearing a button down shirt you one day hope to steal and turn into a dress? Finally, our Jersey girl Tricia is looking for a downtown man with uptown style who can mix preppy with street chic to create an all over unique New York look. Give her a man mixing patterns and good tailoring and she’s all yours.

Each lady has such different taste in not only their menswear style but in their taste in men. The city is filled with gorgeous gentlemen all rocking the latest summer trends that any New York City fashionista can’t help but congratulate our guys on a job well done . So get ready ladies because the sun is only getting hotter and whether you’re searching for your own Aiden or Mr. Big I think we can all agree that we’ll make sure to be dressed in our Carrie Bradshaw best.

Look below to checkout the ladies favorite menswear looks as well as what inspires them in a man.