Enchanted Heart

SG Crystal 016


Enchanted Forest – this is where I envision my favorite Gods Apollo and Daphne [and inspirations for the Fall’13 jewelry collection I designed] dealing with their love “issues” caused by the spell of Eros and where Daphne finally metamorphoses into the immortal laurel tree. Sad story yet, very true.

Love matters. Period. Apollo learned this lesson the hard way. Daphne was gone…and Apollo immortalized her…according to the myths and the legends…[Please see my November 29th post on the tragic love between Apollo and Daphne.]

Oh… those ancient Greeks, they were very wise, they tought us so many valuable lessons. Don’t ever underestimate the significance and power of love. I, for sure do not want Eros to teach me another lesson ever again – lesson learned when his arrow got me and my beautiful heart was severely wounded by a Nordic man reminiscent of a Greek God… anyway… “love yourself first” I say… lesson learned. I suppose I can say how sorry and sad I was but, at the end it was all good. Did I learn a lesson? absolutely! Love matters. Period!

  “Nature does nothing foolishly.” Aristotle, 384 BC- 322 BC 

Going back to the subject  that inspired me to write this blog: fashion advertising: Shu Pei is back once again for the fall 2013 advertisements from New York fashion designer Vera Wang. The Chinese beauty stars in a series of dark and romantic images shot by Carter Smith made with creative direction by MODCo Creative. Shu models the designer’s collections in a beautiful forest that reminded me of Apollo and Daphne….etc…

I love these images. Mother Nature did it again…with such grace.





vera-wang-fall1 vera-wang-fall2 vera-wang-fall3 vera-wang-fall5 vera-wang-fall6 vera-wang-fall7


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