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Pan Am – Jet Age Glamour

Pan American Airlines is a new TV series that is becoming fast one of my favorite shows and I am sharing!

It’s 1963 and Pan American Airlines is the basis of this fantastic new TV drama. Sexy, meticulously dressed and polished [according to strict company protocol] young stewardesses [the term flight attendant was not invented yet] are jetting all  over the world and their global escapades are being followed.

The series looks into the private lives of the fictitious blue-uniformed  flight crew and their adventures traveling in places unreachable otherwise…with the Cold War as a back drop. With plenty of mystery, suspense and danger – the show is very exiting to watch. It takes you back into Jet Age where  impeccably dressed affluent passengers were greeted by name, where personally escorted to their seats and served drinks and fantasies…different times then…Glamorous times!

Pan Am Blue is becoming one of my favorites! I love everything about the show – the fashion, the life-style, the protocol, the elegance and the stories…so far…I hope it will continue to fascinate me and to take me along in its travels and adventures… far away…

Watch it!!


Note: New Collection coming soon with Pan Am Blue as one of my favorite colors!  Will be back soon! xoxoS