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Luis Vuitton SPRING ’12 ready-to-wear collection PARIS

                                                              LUIS VUITTON – PARIS


The 1950’s influenced femininity continues with Luis Vuitton Spring 2012 ready-to-wear collection!

A magical fashion fairy tale!

Clean, pale colors in icy whites, silver, candy pinks, yellow and pale blue.

The results were charming and very appealing to my taste.

Please take a look below for selected highlights:

The beautiful Kate Moss closed the show in a white macrame shift that fell to a hemline of ostrich feathers.


I will be back soon with highlights from Alexander Mc Queen’s fashion show, and this is it for Spring 2012.  


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Chanel’s delicate sea creatures – PARIS ready-to-wear collection SPRING 2012




 A beautiful and delicate collection was shown at Chanel today! Lots of cream, pink, sea-foam, and some Chanel black. Pearls, laces and iridescent touches were some of the details. Please take a look at Chanel’s classic, timeless looks:



Please vistit Susanna Galanis



I will be back soon xoxoS

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Spring ’12 ready-to-wear COLLECTIONS PARIS – highlights

Paris  ready-to-wear Spring’12 – women’s collections!

New collections were shown in Paris this past weekend.

So much fashion to highlight for you. Please take a look:



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Spring ’12 ready-to-wear LANVIN COLLECTION – Paris


The Spring/Summer women’s ready-to-wear collection that was shown in Paris yesterday was a bit moodier than was expected yet, powerful, intense and sexy.  A very prominent feature that was shown a lot was the “authoritative” and “dominant” shoulder which made the collection  hardier, and bit more masculine in feel with lots of drama. I am all about the drama here: huge, pearl encrusted crucifixes, eagles and serpents around the necks and down the sides of asymmetrical dresses.  VERY LANVIN.

This is exactlty was I was expecting!

A very powerful collection with lots of separates [which is something new for Lanvin] and sexy, very sexy beautiful, “goddess appropriate” dresses.  


NOTE: For “Goddess appropriate” jewelry  inspired by Greco-Roman  and  Medieval times please visit my new Online Catalogue at:


Lanvin highlights below:

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Spring ’12 ready-to-wear NINA RICCI collection – Paris

Nina Ricci women’s  Spring ’12 collection – Paris. RETRO BEAUTIFUL!

What a success for Nina Ricci.

The collection shown for spring was elegant, feminine and  incredibly pretty. High-quality, charming, retro, yet modern dresses were the main focus generating a very light-hearted, playful feeling – I could wear them all! This is the beauty that I was expecting from the French, which was missing so far in the collections shown previously. My expectations for French elegance were met here. Please take a look of my favorites:

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Spring ’12 Ann Demeulemeester – Women’s Collection


PARIS – Spring ’12 Ann Demulemeester’s Women’ collection



BLACK, BLACK, BLACK, BLACK/WHITE, AND MORE BLACK was shown in Anne Demulemeester’s collection in Paris. Sheer, slender, long skirts with sleek fringing and draped long layers. That is the story that was delivered today …and I loved it!

“Goddess” inspired one-shoulder dresses were enough to satisfy my cravings for anything long, fluid, Grecian, feminine, sophisticated and sexy! Extra messy hair topped with wide-brimmed hats created the right look, the right trend, the right styling! Bravo to all! Love it! Love it! Love it!  Take a look:








Enough said! All the photos have spoken. I love this collection – end of story. SG

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Spring ’12 women’s ready-to-wear PARIS COLLECTIONS

Spring ’12 ready-to-wear PARIS fashion week!

So far, so boring…personally speaking…

I am still waiting [from the French designers/geniuses] for the feminine, soft, sexy, “goddess appropriate” looks that I have been loving this season. Instead, so far, the French  have shown serious, somber, retro-rigid, in some cases futuristic collections…which I am “liking” but not so much…not my style for now…I may change my views next season, as my moods change. Right now I am feeling good, so, I am looking for vibrant, happy, feminine, outgoing, ultra glamorous looks to match my feelings…There was not much in this “happy” category for me to show you. However, for those of you who are a bit more tolerant and accepting “different views and moods” with more ease, here is what Dries Van Notren, Rochas and Balenciaga have shown:

All images above: Dries Van Notren


Images above (2) Rochas


Image above: Balenciaga

Will be back soon…I know the French will not disappoint with their next collections…I can’t wait…xoxoS