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Susanna Galanis PRESS Depesha Magazine

Susanna Galanis PRESS Depesha (Russian Lifestyle) Magazine

Style by: Elle Werlin Jewelry by: Susanna Galanis

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Susanna Galanis PRESS Supplementaire

Susanna Galanis PRESS Supplementaire







Style by: Elle Werlin Jewelry by: Susanna Galanis

"Unexpected" video styled by Elle Werlin, Elle Werlin fashion stylist, Jewelry, Susanna Galanis Inspired by History, Susanna Galanis Jewelry

Susanna Galanis PRESS “Unexpected” Video by Elle Werlin

In the next few posts, I will introduce to you one of mt favorite artist/stylist: Elle Werlin.  Her creativity is truly amazing!

I will let the images do all the talking.

“Unexpected”  Video                                                                                                              Style: by Elle Werlin  Women’s jewelry: by Susanna Galanis





More Elle Werlin styling coming up… xoxoS

Gossip Girl, Susanna Galanis Jewelry

A Post Card – Susanna Galanis online

 Now  available ONLINE!


Since lately I have been getting so many inquiries about the jewelry that has been worn by Serena and Charlie on Gossip Girl, I am pleased to announce that all the pieces shown are now available on my website! SG

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A post card – Coco Chanel


                                        COCO CHANEL – PARIS

Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel ( August 19, 1883 – January 10, 1971)

Was the founder of the most famous fashion brand Channel [as if you don’t already know…] was named by Time 100 one of the most important people of the century…last century. The rest is fashion history…which I am going to tell all about it on my next post…very soon. This is just the preview.       






SUSANNA GALANIS – Inspired by History Jewelry     online at: – click right


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Nike – Greek goddess of victory in NYC

NIKE ancient Greek goddess of Victory in all her glory!




Susanna Galanis – Inspired by History Jewelry

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It seems to me that the ancient Greek goddesses are all over New York City these days! Athena and Nike! I encountered them both…

First it was goddess Athena at the Metropolitan Museum’s facade, [she is eternally there, please visit] and then making a cameo appearance on the face of the most beautiful cameo I ever saw, at an estate art show, [please see my previous posts] and now its Goddess Nike [the goddess of Victory.] She is standing right at the heart of New York City. The center of the world I would say….

Her glorious and magnificent presence cannot be missed in the bold and beautiful golden gilded bronze statue at the northern half of Central Park’s Grand Army Plaza [at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street].  She is accompanying Union Army General William Tecumseh Sherman – a great American military hero of the civil war, which makes me wonder? did the ancient Greek goddesses help non-ancient Greeks as well? Apparently yes! Their divine existence is not only eternal, but universal! In this larger-than-life statute goddess Nike is accompanying general Tecumseh Sherman in a courageous lead into the battle of 1864 in which the Confederacy was successfully split in two effectively ending the Civil War. Amazing work Nike! … and thank you! Your presence and help is always welcome in New York City.

This major work of art by famous sculptor Saint-Gaudens (1848-1909 USA) ranks as one of the world’s finest equestrian monuments, winning the Grand Prix at the Paris Exposition in 1900.

I am so proud of my Greek Goddesses patronizing New York!  The next time you go for a walk to Central Park, or go shopping at Bergdorf’s  stop for a moment and admire the beauty called Nike!

I will be back soon with more details about glorious goddess Nike…..