Ancient Greece, Gaia, History of Gaia

GAIA – Oh mother!


Ancient Greek Goddess Gaia was the fist being (according to the myths and the legends0 who appeared out of the chaos together with Tartaros (underworld), Nyx (night), Erebos (darkness) and Eros (love). Without the help of a man she created her sons Uranos (heaven) and Pontos (ocean). She fused with her son

47330_301925439908431_1866453788_nUranos and bore the titans, Kronos Rhea, Okeanos and Tethis, gods of the great stream, which is winding around the earth. The Kyklops and the Giants were also her offsprings. Her man Uranos hated these creatures so much that he pushed them back into the womb before they were born, which caused Gaia harm. Angry about her tyrannical man Gaia gave a sickle made from firestone to her son Kronos and ordered him to unman his father the next opportunity which was given. Kronos did what his mother had told him and throw detached genitals far along the sea. Out of the falling blood drops appeared the Erinnyias (furies), the giants, and also the Meliai (nymphs of the ashen). The phallus prowled on the sea and finally arrived at the island Kythera/Lakonia. Out of the foam which was formed on the phallus the love-goddess Aphrodite came to