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AGE OF GODS Athena Collection Preview – Spring ’12



POST CARD Age of Gods



“The Gods are favoring us.” Unknown ancient Greek 2,500 years ago…during the AGE OF GODS




It is my pleasure to introduce to you a sampling of my new Spring ’12 Collection AGE of GODS Athena which was inspired to me by the glorious ancient Greek Goddess Athena.

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A post card – Nike NYC



It’s Saturday afternoon in New York City.


Susanna Galanis – Inspired by History

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I will be writing more about my new favorite ancient Greek goddess, Nike (Victory). I am working on it… while its snowing outside. I must say, it’s a novelty. Normally, I do not like cold and darkness but, I am enjoying the snow! Who knows? I may start liking winters, and hopefully… not suffer as much. I miss the Summer already. I miss the golden sunshine. I miss the light! I miss the pool on the rooftop of my building and the gossiping with my neighbors about fashion and stuff…

Here is a post card about Nike, history and glamour – some of my favorite words!

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Spring ’12 women’s ready-to-wear PARIS COLLECTIONS

Spring ’12 ready-to-wear PARIS fashion week!

So far, so boring…personally speaking…

I am still waiting [from the French designers/geniuses] for the feminine, soft, sexy, “goddess appropriate” looks that I have been loving this season. Instead, so far, the French  have shown serious, somber, retro-rigid, in some cases futuristic collections…which I am “liking” but not so much…not my style for now…I may change my views next season, as my moods change. Right now I am feeling good, so, I am looking for vibrant, happy, feminine, outgoing, ultra glamorous looks to match my feelings…There was not much in this “happy” category for me to show you. However, for those of you who are a bit more tolerant and accepting “different views and moods” with more ease, here is what Dries Van Notren, Rochas and Balenciaga have shown:

All images above: Dries Van Notren


Images above (2) Rochas


Image above: Balenciaga

Will be back soon…I know the French will not disappoint with their next collections…I can’t wait…xoxoS


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Spring ’12 ready-to-wear Milan VERSACE

Once upon a time, in Milan, on the catwalk for Spring ’12 there were the Versace fashion “sea goddesses.”

The entire fashion world was waiting with anticipation to see how these “sea goddesses” were dressed. When they appeared they looked beautiful!

See for yourself:


 Images above and below. Versace Spring ’12 Collection

After the show, they all went to the seashore and lived happily ever after!

So many memories from my Versace days came back! I will be back with more  fairy tales very soon.


Note: A new charity is in the works about Classical Education for children and young adults GLOBALLY. I will update you soon! Contact me here for details. [Please see post titled From Aristotle to Alexander a new charity is born.] I am certain that my ex-boss, Mr. Gianni Versace, would have approved with my initiative about creating this charity as I know he loved history and he was inspired [as we all know]. My eight years working with the Versace company and having the privilege to work directly under Mr. Versace at his 5th Avenue Flagship, were such a powerful inspiration! I have the most amazing memories and I value my experience at the Versace company greatly. I am humbled actually that I was part of the “original” Versace fairy tale and I am absolutely certain that my years spend there were the foundation of what I am doing today with my jewelry collection Susanna Galanis Inspired by History and my new charity  Alexander the Great Foundation that I am trying to create.

I wish Mr. Versace’s successors all the best!

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Ancient Macedonia – Alexander the Great (continued )





” Macedonia my divine motherland” SG

Occupying the bigger part of Northern Greece, Macedonia  first appears on the historical scene as a geographical-political superpower in the 7th century BC,  (around 810 BC) when it



extended from the upper waters of the Haliakmon river and mount Olympus to the river Strymon. At this time the Greek tribe of the Macedones called the Argeads (of Dorian decent) who have migrated from the south  (Argos) and whose home was in Orestis, began to expand, driving out the Thracians and contending with the Illyrians, and gradually settling in the region called “Lower Macedonia or, Macedonia by the Sea”.

This time is the official begining of the Argead or Macedonian Empire — more about the origins of the Argeads to be posted very soom..

Image. Map of Ancient Macedonia.

The country was self-sufficient in products to meet basic needs (timber, cereals, game, fish, livestock, minerals) and soon became the exclusive supplier of other Greek states less blessed by nature, though at the same time it came to be the target of expansionist schemes dictated largely by economic interests.  A particularly “introspective” land, with conservative customs (still existing today, if I can say based on my personal experience of my upbringing by my Macedonian parents) and way of life and social structure and political organization of markedly archaic character, speaking a distinctive form of the Doric dialect, Macedonia took over the reigns of the Greek spirit in the 4th century BC when the city-state was entering on its decline, revealing admirable adaptability in the face of the demands of the present and the achievements of the past, and ingenuity and boldness when confronted with the problems of the future. The country was quickly transformed into a performer of new roles, opening up new roads towards the epoch of the Hellenism of the three continents.

This is about when  Alexanders’ father, King Philip II of Macedon   (359 BC) succeeded as the ruler of the Macedonian Empire.

…more about Phillip and Alexander coming up…

Note: Please see future post dated 10-09-11: From Hercules to Alexander  – for more information about the Argead Dynasty and the legent of Ancient Macedonia.