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Sping ’12 ready-to-wear Milan – Bottega Veneta


Bottega Veneta Spring ’12 fashion show – Milan

I was waiting for this show with great anticipation. Historically, the  Bottega Veneta collection was  on “my very top favorites” list, and this time it did not disappoint. I was particularly impressed with the long “goddess” silhouettes that were shown with vibrant colors and a certain “air quality” that made all the models wearing them look like they were flowing…ready to fly…like angels…

Show highlights below:

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Spring ’12 ready-to-wear Milan VERSACE

Once upon a time, in Milan, on the catwalk for Spring ’12 there were the Versace fashion “sea goddesses.”

The entire fashion world was waiting with anticipation to see how these “sea goddesses” were dressed. When they appeared they looked beautiful!

See for yourself:


 Images above and below. Versace Spring ’12 Collection

After the show, they all went to the seashore and lived happily ever after!

So many memories from my Versace days came back! I will be back with more  fairy tales very soon.


Note: A new charity is in the works about Classical Education for children and young adults GLOBALLY. I will update you soon! Contact me here for details. [Please see post titled From Aristotle to Alexander a new charity is born.] I am certain that my ex-boss, Mr. Gianni Versace, would have approved with my initiative about creating this charity as I know he loved history and he was inspired [as we all know]. My eight years working with the Versace company and having the privilege to work directly under Mr. Versace at his 5th Avenue Flagship, were such a powerful inspiration! I have the most amazing memories and I value my experience at the Versace company greatly. I am humbled actually that I was part of the “original” Versace fairy tale and I am absolutely certain that my years spend there were the foundation of what I am doing today with my jewelry collection Susanna Galanis Inspired by History and my new charity  Alexander the Great Foundation that I am trying to create.

I wish Mr. Versace’s successors all the best!

Alexander the Great, Fashion, Jewelry, Sping '12 fashion shows, Susanna Galanis Jewelry

Spring ’12 ready-to-wear Milan – Italian drama! Fendi, Gucci, Ferretti etc…


MILAN FASHION WEEK – Gucci, Alberta Ferretti, Fendi, No21 and Francesco Scognamiglio

I was so exited with the colorful collections that I highlighted on my previous posts. Finally…I got away from black…I thought. Well, I did, until now. I am falling in love again with my favorite black!



Here are the highlights from Alberta Ferretti, Cucci, No21, Fendi and Francesco Scognamiglio …mostly black! This is what made me say, “I can wear that!”

Alberta Ferretti






Francesco Scognamiglio

Fedi Below

I will be back with more Italian Collections Spring ’12  later…