Carolyn Bessette Kennedy – The original ‘it girl’



BESSETTE KENNEDY The original ‘it girl’ a style icon and a modern-day goddess.







Although I have a personal story to tell,  for now, I will let the photos do all the talking about one of my favorite style icons, Caroline Bessette Kennedy. It’s just too sad right now for me to go into details…her loss was so untimely…so cruel…so  painful…I thought I can do it, but, I can’t. “No more drama” After all, this post is not about drama, it is about style. I started writing about the tragic death, the anniversary  coming up, how beautiful, cool and warm at the same time, how friendly and down to earth Carolyn was… how handsome and sexy JFJ Jr., her husband was…but I decided to just stick with the style…the rest is history and I don’t want to go back anyway…no more drama…I think she would ‘like’ that.

One would think that, stylistically speaking, her best accessory was her husband [and I agree up to a certain point] they were gorgeous together, but, even on her own she was stunning…she would “light up” the room. “No wonder he, [ JFK Jr, the sexiest man and the most eligible bachelor in the world] married her”  that’s what I though when I first met her. She was [and still is] a star!  No wonder she is an icon and will always be…for eternity. I was fortunate enough to have met her while working at Versace back in December 1998 [I remember the month because she had sent me the most beautiful Christmas  flower arrangement along with a “thank you note” for something minimal I had done.] Well, it was love at first sight with Caroline…a  few brief shinning moments yet, unforgettable. She was gone 7 months after our first meeting.  Between her loss and the yet another earlier tragic loss of my favorite designer and boss Gianni Versace the pain was tremendous.  I still can’t talk about it. Yet, I treasure the memories…the beautiful memories…

Thanks for the inspiration Carolyn!


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