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AGE OF GODS Athena Collection Preview – Spring ’12



POST CARD Age of Gods



“The Gods are favoring us.” Unknown ancient Greek 2,500 years ago…during the AGE OF GODS




It is my pleasure to introduce to you a sampling of my new Spring ’12 Collection AGE of GODS Athena which was inspired to me by the glorious ancient Greek Goddess Athena.

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A Post Card – Let it snow…let it snow…and the majestic snow leopard…

The purity of white snow is so welcoming this time of the year! Nature at its best! (I can’t help it but mixing in  a little bit of glamour with my all time favorite glamour icon Elizabeth Taylor while introducing you to my new favorite obsession the majestic beauty, the snow leopard and the inspiration for my new designs. Please see my earlier posts about Charlie from Gossip Girl in the episode RHODES TO PERDITION  wearing a necklace… More about my new collection coming soon.)

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Click below for facts about my favorite animal the majestic, elusive, mysterious powerful and graceful  snow leopard! So rare and so beautiful!

Snow-Leopard-Fact-Sheet A

Snow-Leopard-Fact-Sheet B Website – all about snow leopards and how to support these endangered beauties.