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Since lately I have been getting so many inquiries about the jewelry that has been worn by Serena and Charlie on Gossip Girl, I am pleased to announce that all the pieces shown are now available on my website! SG

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A Post Card HISTORY & GLAMOUR – Gods and Goddesses



POST CARD: History & Glamour





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As seen in Gossip Girl RHODES TO PERDITION Charlie’s necklace





My obsession with Gossip Girl continues in season five…




The beautiful Charlie Rhodes, apart from providing me with fantastic and amusing entertainment, she is also wearing one of my necklaces…and she looks amazing!

Here are some of the scenes from last night’s Gossip Girl Episode 9, Rhodes to Perdition where Charlie was quoted by saying to Max, “No one can touch me anymore. I am a Rhodes now.”  I can’t wait to see how easy it will be for her to stay there… Anyway…Charlie is honoring me by wearing one of my current designs from The AGE OF GODS -Athina Collection. 

Thank you Gossip Girl!

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A Post Card – Coming soon on Gossip Girl

Up and coming on a new Gossip Girl episode RHODES TO PERDITION.

The beautiful “Charlie” played by Kaylee Defer is wearing jewelry by Susanna Galanis Inspired by History.  The rust color agate necklace featuring a leopard medallion is from the AGE OF GODS-Athena Collection Spring’12.

Thank you Gossip Girl!…and thank you Charlie for looking so beautiful! I will be watching!




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A Post Card – As seen in Gossip Girl earrings

            A POST CARD – As seen in Gossip Girl earrings on Serena.




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Please see above Susanna Galanis Inspired by History online store contact information for Serena’s Blue Agate earrings as seen recently on Episode 506  I Am number 9.  They are available in many colors. By special order only.

Thank you, Susanna

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As seen on Gossip Girl – Serena blue agate earrings (by special order at: www.susannagalanis@gmail.com)


The stunning Serena van der Woodsen [Blake Lively] another one of my favorite goddesses [please see previous posts on goddess Athena and goddess Nike] was spotted last night on Gossip Girl wearing earrings from my current Fall ’11 jewelry collection! And she looked gorgeous…like a modern-day goddess. I am very happy! What an honor. Thank you Gossip Girl!  

Thank you Serena for looking so beautiful!

I will let the images below do the talking.

Please take a look:


Will be back soon with more…xoxoS

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Gossip Girl, “Goddess Inspired” jewelry and … history repeating










One of my secret indulgences is Gossip Girl — my favorite TV show at the moment. Although I very rarely watch TV, this is an exception.  I am having so much fun watching the young New York’s Upper Eastsiders  have their adventures in the City  — and in other glamorous parts of the world as well.

For those of you who are not as obsessed as I am about the show, and do not understand what I am talking about, Gossip Girl is an American young adult drama series based on the book of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesen.  Narrated by the omniscient, yet unseen blogger “gossip girl” the series revolves around the lives, romances and notoriety of privileged young college boys and girls on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in New York City.

There is an  “it” girl,  a modern-day queen with a certain “attitude,” several princesses, a beautiful cast, lots of parties, twists, turns, betrayals, backstabbing, manipulations, gossip, hook-ups, break-ups…hook-ups again…break-ups again…and so on… What a modern-day drama for the young set in New York City — glamorous drama! Sometimes I wonder, “why didn’t I have this much fun during my FIT days in New York City? I remember the fashion, I remember dating a few guys from Columbia, but, I don’t remember having that many fun complications. Oh! now it’s slowly coming back…

I remember my “best friend” Domenica backstabbing me and trying to steal my possible future “boyfriend” Dimitri (a Columbia student from Athens), I remember Leo, Dimitri’s friend (a serious financier in London today, and a serious womanizer), who at that time, he was “seriously” dating my friend Anna… and he was pursuing me as well…I remember my friend  Stephan (a British-French banker from Brown University) who was dating a beautiful soap opera actress named Amanda and he was pursuing Carole (my French girlfriend)… who was in a serious relationship with Frank… and yet, she was not…I remember Stephan’s friend Johan (a beautiful Swedish man working at Citibank)… and that I had a serious crush on him…and all this was happening while I was in an “on-again-off-again”  relationship with a very complicated young man named Michael (a computer engineering student living in Brooklyn Heights) whose roommate Nico was… you get the story: the more things change, the more they stay the same. It’s history repeating in New York City.

I get a thrill watching this modern-day drama. I especially get a thrill when they are honoring me by wearing my jewelry as they did in Season 4. The new season 5 premiers on September 26th, and I can’t wait! You must watch!

Here are two of Gossip Girl’s beauties, Blake Lively and Jennifer Missoni wearing Susanna Galanis “Goddess Inspired” Jewelry




















Blue Agate necklace on Blake Lively available at: www.susannagalanis.com 


















Green Agate necklace on Blake Lively  available at: www.susannagalanis.com 
















Gold Agate necklace  on Blake Lively available at: www.susannagalanis.com













Crystal necklace  on Jennifer Missoni available at: www.susannagalanis.com



















Hummingbird “signature” necklace on Jennifer Missoni available at: www.susannagalanis.com   

I love this show!!!

I am leaving you with a quote from the song “History Repeating” with Shirley Basset:

…Life’s for us to enjoy Woman,man, girl and boy Feel the pain Feel the joy and sidestep the little bits of history repeating…

                                    …will be back with you soon xoxoS